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President’s Message

Welcome to Rochester HFMA 2015 – 2016!  I wanted to start out by introducing your chapter officers for the year:

Geoff Bernhardt, President – I am the Director of ERP Applications at Rochester Regional Health, a position I have held since the merger was completed last year.  Prior to that I had a similar role the previous three years at Unity Health, and before that I was a finance manager for the living centers and physician groups having joined Unity in 2004.  Outside of work I am a trustee and treasurer of the Victor Farmington library, I spent 8 years as a Section Five lacrosse referee (now temporarily retired), I enjoy baseball, football, and can be found at a poker table from time to time. I live in Farmington with my wife and two daughters.

 Carla D’Angelo, President Elect – Carla is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Development at Monroe Plan for Medical Care.  Carla serves on several local not for profit boards and has been an HFMA member for 8 years.  This year, Carla will handle Sponsorship and she will facilitate the strategic planning process.  She also serves on the Operations, Education and Membership committees and will become President on June 1, 2016. Carla and her husband live in Victor.

 Hugh Chisholm, Vice President – Hugh is a Sr. Director of Finance at Rochester Regional Health, prior to the merger he was Director of Accounting at Rochester General Health System.  He has also held couple of positions with Fust Charles Chambers.  As Vice President, Hugh also serves as our Program Chair running the education committee for the year charged with meeting the chapter’s education goals set by National and planning the Fall Institute.  Hugh lives in Irondequoit with his wife and two children.


Karl Hagen, Secretary – Karl is Vice President of Finance with Finger Lakes Health System in Geneva, prior to his current position Karl worked for The Bonadio Group as a Principal Auditor.  As secretary this year Karl handles the recording of minutes for our meetings, he also servers as co-chair of the education committee and will plan the spring Current Events session.  Karl lives in Victor with his wife and two children.

Jon Miller, Treasurer – Jon is a Principal at the Bonadio Group here he has worked since 2002.  As our chapter Treasurer, Jon is charged with tracking our chapter expenses and reporting to our Board of Directors and National on our overall financial condition.  Jon lives in Webster with his wife and two children.

We sometimes get questions on how our chapter’s officers are nominated and what our management structure is like; I am going to cover that in a future newsletter.

 Go Beyond

Our National Chair this year for HFMA is Melinda Hancock from Glen Allen Virginia.  Every year the Chair picks a theme to provide focus for education and drive the entire organization in a cohesive direction, her theme for this year is Go Beyond.   As most of you know, health care is currently going through a once in a generation transformation away from fee-for-service payments to a value based system for reimbursement which continues to evolve.  With this theme Melinda challenges us in the health care finance profession to go beyond our traditional roles to collaborate in new ways and meet new challenges, to go beyond expectations to deliver results to continue to move the bar higher for performance, and she asks that we go beyond our traditional mind sets to seize opportunities that come about during this time of change. 

As you can imagine, to facilitate its members to meet her challenge HFMA itself must also go beyond its established and proven methods of learning, communicating, membership composition and educational offerings.  If you attend any HFMA National event you will begin to hear about some new initiatives such as a focus that HFMA is beginning put on attracting early careerists, or those in the profession who are under 40 years of age, to tap into new ideas and ways of learning and ensure that those who will inherit the system we are currently building have a say in the way it is constructed.  HFMA is also creating teams to look at the way our chapters are currently constituted, and to look at the way we measure and set goals for our chapters to meet the challenge to continue to go beyond in the future.  In addition, I think you will also see some more peer groups created across the country to help members react to specialized changes and they materialize. 

So as we go into this chapter year, our chapter leadership will take the challenge seriously to think outside the box, create more than the traditional programing, communicate in new ways, and to help the membership of the Rochester chapter go beyond as we face the challenges of healthcare finance today.

Geoff Bernhardt

Rochester Chapter President


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July 29, 2016
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